Im Fidel Coronel: Full Stack Web Dev

I enjoy being able to translate things from interesting ideas to actual projects in the same way a musician expresses themselves using music. My goal is to continue developing my ability to use my favorite tool, a computer, to solve problems.

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Experienced In:

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, Adwords, Email Campaigns, E Commerce, and FBA Amazon

Web Development

Developing sites with popular frameworks like React, Wordpress, Shopify, Magento and plain HTML/CSS.

UI/UX Frontend

Creating delightful user experiences using HTML, CSS, Javascript with popular libraries such as Bootstrap, Tailwind, and FontAwesome


Backend and Frontend projects that have involved Databases, Servers, Hosting, CDN's, API Development, and many other technologies

IT Support

Support in projects ranging from VOIP/PBX, Networking(VLANS,DMZ,VPN), Security(Firewall, Network Segmentation, Reverse proxy), Migrations, and Cloud Integration

Work Experience


Primary Work

    Secondary Work